2019年秋七年级英语上册 Unit 7 How much are these socks(第4课时)Section B(2a-2c)

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Unit 7 How much are these socks
第四课时 Section B (2a-2c) A 基础起航 Ⅰ.写出下列短语的英文。 1.服装店 __clothes_store__ 2.以很低的价格 __at_a_very_good_price__ 3.给男孩的 __for_boys__ 4.只要 3 美元 __only_$3__ 5.来买 __come_and_buy__ 6.紫色短裙 __skirts_in_purple__ 7.一双 __a_pair_of__ 8.所有的服装 __all_the_clothes__ Ⅱ.根据句意及首字母提示填写单词。 1.Her aunt works in a clothes__ shop. 2.The prices__are very low. You can afford them. 3.What do you want to buy__ for your grandmother? 4.The green shorts are at our great sale__, for $30! 5.We have skirts in__ purple for girls only for 20 yuan each. 6.Do you like sweaters? Come__ and buy them at our clothes store. Ⅲ.用括号中所给单词的适当形式填空。 1.How much __are__ (be) the T-shirts? They look so nice. 2.Do you like __sweaters__ (sweater)? They are warm and soft. 3.It __sells__ (sell) the clothes. 4.He __has__ (have) a great shirt for work. 5.__Take__ (take) it to the classroom. 6.These shoes are too big for me. Do you have small__ones__(one)? Ⅳ.根据汉语意思完成句子。 1.我们有女孩穿的红色裙子。 We __have__ red skirts __for__ __girls__. 2.对于男孩子们,你们仅花 3 元就能买一双短袜。 __For__ boys, you can __buy__ a pair __of__ socks __for__ __only__ 3 yuan. 3.现在就来光临我店! __Come__ __to__ my __store__ now! 4.鞋子 45 美元两双。 __Shoes__ are $45__for__ two __pairs__. 5.你需要帽子吗? __Do__ you __need__ __hats__? B 语法扬帆 Ⅴ.单项选择。 ( A )1.—Can I help you? —________. I want a hat for my daughter. A.Yes, please B.Oh, no C.Excuse me D.You're right ( A )2.Come and ________ a look at the clothes at the store. A.have B.to have



C.has D.having

( D )3.________ you need trousers? Come to Mr. Cool's Clothes Store.

A.Are B.Can

C.Is D.Do

( D )4.My daughter wants a shirt________ purple. Can you help me?

A.with B.for

C.of D.in

( B )5.They sell clothes________ very good prices, and some green sweaters are ________ only one dollar.

A.at; at B.at; for

C.for; for D.for; at

( B )6.Do you need bags________ sports?

A.at B.for

C.in D.on

( B )7.—What's the________ of the shorts? —¥30.

A.number B.price

C.color D.year

( C )8.We have sweaters ________all colors ________ $5 each.

A.at; in B.in; at

C.in; for D.at; for


1.What can I do __for__ you?

2.We have many sweaters __in__ different colors.

3.Do they have shoes __for__ boys?

4.Please come __to__ Mr. Cool's Clothes Store.

5.The yellow shirts are only __for__ fifteen dollars each.

6.The shop sells trousers __at__ very good prices.

7.I go to school __at__ 7:30 every morning.

8.Here is a pair __of__ socks for young ladies.


Hello! I'm Sally. I'm 1.__an__ English girl. Now I'm in Beijing with 2.__my__(I) parents and my brother

and sister. Today 3.__is__ (be) Sunday. I go to Yangguang Clothes Store. Wow! I see lots of nice clothes

in it. It 4.__has__ (have) sweaters at good prices. They are on 5.__sale__ (sell). They have some 6.__bags__

(bag) for sports. They have hats 7.__in__red, black and yellow. The brown skirts are also on sale. They

are 8.__only__ 15 dollars. I think they are cheap, 9.__so__ I buy a large one for myself and a small

one for my little 10. __sister__.

C 提升冲浪


Hi, boys and girls! Do you need good __1__? Welcome to our store! Our clothes are __2__ sale. Our store

is very__3__, and we display(陈列) lots of clothes in it. Every day many people __4__ and buy clothes

in our store. We have __5__ clerks(职员)—five boys and five girls. The things in our store are cheap.

Anyone(任何人) can afford __6__prices.

Do you need __7__? We sell them for only 8 dollars. You can put your books, pencil boxes, rulers and

dictionaries in __8__. We also have trousers, rulers, sweaters, shirts and shoes. They are in many __9__,

like blue, green and white. If you __10__ these things, come and have a look at our store, please!

( D )1.A.fruit


C.food D.clothes

( B )2.A.from






( B )3.A.short B.big

C.long D.small

( A )4.A.come B.go



( D )5.A.five


C.nine D.ten

( C )6.A.we




( B )7.A.socks B.bags

C.tables D.hats

( C )8.A.it


C.them D.you

( D )9.A.sports B.names

C.prices D.colors

( A )10.A.want B.have

C.know D.watch


I work in a small (A) shop.(B)Every_day_people_usually_come_to_the_shop_to_buy_things. We sell food

and drinks. We have school things, too. They're not expensive. I have lunch in the shop. I go home at

seven in the evening. I always eat some vegetables and fruit for(C)__________. I think they are healthy.








(1)What does the shop sell?

The shop sells food, drinks and school things.

(2)Are they expensive?

No, they aren't.

读后词汇拓展 猜出画线单词的中文意思及词性,并收入自己的小词典。

expensive __adj.昂贵的__



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